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Whether you are in construction, sales and even medical fields, with Fieldify you can improve your field work efficiency, save time and money and increase customer satisfaction.

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Construction & Operations

View assets remotely to save time and costs in on-site visits.

Our construction technology solution allows you to track workforce, connect job sites and monitor equipment so you complete jobs on time and keep your customers happy.

Our solution saves precious time by improving workflows between key stakeholders-wherever they are located-and makes it easier to track time, costs, materials, staff and resources. Fieldify helps you build smarter, more accurate and more profitable projects.

Delivery & Distribution

Improve efficiency with real-time information

Fieldify's innovative technology helps you make faster, more-informed decisions about the status of equipment, shipments, schedules, costs, hazards and compliance. Even around the globe. It gives you real-time information and insights throughout transit so you can make faster, more-informed decisions.

Fieldify helps you improve operational efficiency, provides better customer service and creates a more efficient supply chain, so you can focus on your core business - transportation.

Surveying & Insurance

Use Fieldify's technology to build relationships and gain customer insights.

Moderate growth, new competitors and rising costs-these factors are fueling the insurance industry's evolution. By combining cloud-based computing, real-time customer insights, mobility, and security solutions, Fieldify can help you better serve your customers while driving productivity and controlling costs.

Secure access and processing information on the go makes your processes more efficient and allows you to respond more quickly to your customers needs. Deliver consistently high service as you grow and keep them loyal to your brand.

Healthcare & Diagnostics

Enhancing patient care through new technology built for organizations large and small.

Advances in healthcare technologies are redefining how doctors and patients interact. Innovative healthcare technologies are helping to improve quality and efficiency of care-by better connecting providers and patients to critical information.

Fieldify's team developed an affordable solution that supports secure exchange of patient data while helping provide real-time access to patient information - from virtually anywhere. Fieldify will help you improve efficiency, manage costs and make the most of limited resources with remote monitoring and real-time access to patient information.

Sales & Retail

Focus on selling, not managing field techs.

Customer expectations have changed. Technology has created more informed, more connected customers who are no longer loyal to a brand, but to an experience. Fieldify gives employees instant access to the customer information they need to offer personalized service, building loyalty throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Our planning, monitoring and analytics tools help ensure the right mix of resources, where demand requires they be located, while managing productivity, costs, margin, cycle time and customer satisfaction.

Field Servicing
(Installation, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Pest Control, Delivery...)

Don't just manage your field service business, automate and mobilize!

With Fieldify's solution, companies that provide services, such as product installations, field service repairs, depot repairs and scheduled maintenance, will be able to increase competitive advantage, top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability through a consolidated, shared, enterprise solution.

Navigating the variety of tasks a service fleet provides and maximizing its productivity requires detailed insight into your daily operations. Fieldify can help ensure your mobile workers safety in the field, track productivity, reduce fuel cost, alert you of vehicle maintenance and capture proof for services provided.

Transport & Logistics

Enhanced visibility of drivers and assets in the field.

Organizations that have fleets of vehicles and mobile employees need solutions that track, schedule, communicate and respond in real time. Fieldify offers a management solution that combines real-time GPS tracking, scheduling, dispatch, field and back-office processing, and analytics to help you deliver high-quality, on-time service while reducing costs, improving performance and increasing customer relationships.

Our solutions empower companies of any size to optimize the management of their vehicles and mobile staff with software configured to your needs.

Safety & Security

Transforming the way you protect and serve.

Your service-level agreements are much more than terms of a contract. Your work is vital to the well-being and viability of your customers and of course their businesses. You need to guarantee quality services, ensure continuous operations and be able to react to emergency repair situations.

Fieldify enables you to maximize your operation and utilize your people, assets, and inventory in the most efficient manner. Reduce your costs while improving your customer experience, building greater customer loyalty and driving more revenue.

Travel & Hospitality

Fulfill guest expectations and create memorable experiences.

A high-quality guest experience is the essence of hospitality. Providing quality service to your customer requires smooth operation of all elements in your infrastructure and continuous management of your staff and facilities. With the right technologies, you can cater to their expectations, make it easier for your employees to work as a team, and boost your competitive advantage.

Fieldify enables you to maximize your operation and utilize your people, third-party resources, and inventory in the most efficient manner. The result? Smooth operations, new revenue streams, and loyal customers.

Landscaping & Agriculture

Capture data that precisely reflects conditions in the field

Fieldify is a powerful tool that helps organizations with landscape and agriculture management. Our solution works on mobile devices, which users can carry out into the field and collect and document a variety of data.

Using a mobile device, a user can head out into the field, pull up inventory that needs to be verified, inspections that need to be completed or other conditions that need to be visually monitored and documented. The application can also remind the user when certain inspections or field verifications need to be completed, keep landscape management simple and on track.

Other industries

Every industry has its unique challenges

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